Ateneo Alumni Associations of North America, Inc.
Ateneo Alumni Association
    of North America, Inc.

Our Mission

In 2015, the AAANA leaders and members have committed:

  • First, to strengthen itself from within by campaigning to increase its roster and by becoming more involved in the affairs of the various regional, state and local Ateneo Alumni Associations (AAA's)
  • Second, to fulfill its objective of fund raising to support the Philippine Jesuits' scholastic and apostolic mission and to help provide financial support and medical assistance to their aging and ailing members
In between the biennial All Ateneo Conventions, the AAANA shall maintain closer ties with the Ateneo schools:
  • It shall collaborate with the various Ateneo schools in the Philippines to sponsor student scholarship programs and to support student academic, sports and activities and projects
  • It shall encourage and foster communication between the alumni and their Ateneo schools
The AAANA plans to participate in local and national affairs in the US, Canada and Mexico, by forming coalitions and partnerships with Filipino, Asian and other minority groups in the region:
  • To undertake socio-economic projects of significant importance and jointly respond to help victims of natural disasters and calamities in the Philippines
  • To coalesce, network and take an active role in various advocacy groups such as NAFFAA, FALDEF, USP4GG and other Filipino diaspora organizations
  • To collectively participate with other Filipino, Asian and minority groups to influence government policy making at the local, state and national levels.

2017-2018 Officers

President - Danny Nicolas, ADMU CO '74

Vice President - (vacant)

Immediate Past President - Roger Alama, ADDU CO '59

Recording Secretary - Cecile Sison, ADMU CO '80

Corresponding Secretary - Carina R. Ordas, ADNU CO '88

Treasurer - Jun Montenegro - ADMU HS'62

Auditor - Jesse Farrales, ADMU HS '62

Legal Counsel - Roman Mosqueda, ADMU CO '64


Chairman, Fund Raising & Membership - Jun Farrales, ADMU CO '64

Immediate Past Treasurer - Mary Antonio-Savic, ADDU CO '81

AAANA Regional Representatives

Eight regional representatives shall be appointed to coordinate with and represent the various Ateneo Alumni Associations and unaffiliated individual members in North America. These are the regional representatives who have been named to date:

Western Region - Juan Ilustrisimo Jr., ADZU CO '58

Eastern Region - Cynthia Esquivel Ilagan, ADMU '80

Western Canada Region - Alya Manansala, ADMU '95

Constitution & By-Laws

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